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I’m back. I’m hoping you are still here(?), you who are so full of grace that you heartily blessed me in this Sabbath month I just enjoyed. As I mentioned before, it’d been 7 years of pounding out these words, and life has picked up speed and this Mama just needed … to breathe.

And look.

And listen.

And learn.

It may seem like a small thing, taking a month off blogging, but it wasn’t just that. I took a month of everything. Unplugged, often unreachable, I focused on my dear mama, my man, my babes. Life had been good, but felt so tangled, a knot of good things, and when I thought of heading back into the school year and the busy season of retreat-speaking, I just felt overwhelmed.

Overwhelmed. This was a key word we examined this last month.

I’ll share more on Wednesday, but this month we slowed down enough to discover some significant truths about our family, specifically our son. Overwhelmed is not where God wants us to live. Two key books harmonized in my heart and led us along a path of learning to hush the cacophony of our culture’s cries for more, more, more, and tune in carefully to our kids, to our loved ones, to the Lord.

We have a lot to learn. *smile*

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Last week I was digging up weeds. Along one long edge of our home is a space that … well, is hideous. The lawn sort of gradually peters out into overwhelming weeds.

So, I had chosen to do what I often do when dealing with an undesirable area … I ignored it. 

Well, the very essence of this Sabbath month was taking the time to really–really–look at the areas of our family that have often been ignored. It was a time to rest, sure, but it was also a time to kneel down low and look.

I looked. At all the weeds. Along that edge and in our lives and as I bent low on that last day of my Sabbath month, I was glad that physical weeding wasn’t the only thing I’d done that month. Some deep uprooting had been done and this back-breaking yardwork was a walk in the park compared to the weeding of the heart.

As I knelt, weeding this ugly area, I wasn’t even sure why I was doing it. Sure, weeding is the “right thing” to do, but did it really matter? Would it be that much better afterwards?

To my surprise, as I dug and clawed and tugged, I discovered …

Solid rock.

A beautiful stone border had been set carefully into the ground, making a clear boundary between the lawn and what must have been a flower garden. Our house is 108-years-old so who know what decade this was done, but it was there.

A strong rock foundation, a boundary. It was there all along.
simplicity parenting

Bear with me if this is too cheesy for you, but what we discovered when we really dug out the commotion in our lives is that, by the grace of God, we do have a lovely and firm foundation in our family. We have unity. We are in agreement. We have our compass set on the glory of God and the furthering of His kingdom.

We just needed to pull out a whole lot of weeds.

Part of this month’s Sabbath was undertaking a simplicity regimen that involved much prayer, planning, and many trips to the donation center. ;) We rediscovered the good, solid, rock boundaries and foundations that are so critical to our family’s flourishing.

Of course some new book is not the fix-all, but I do wholeheartedly recommend Simplicity Parenting if you have young children (especially ages 4-8). It was exactly what we needed to clear out the clutter–on every level–and rediscover a beautiful family foundation. So now, with this cleared-out space, we can carefully cultivate a Christ-centered life-garden for our kids. We have our work cut out for us–*smile*–but it’s a good work indeed. Thank you, dear friends, for allowing me this blessed bit of respite and reflection.

I’m glad to be back. 

{Happy September! Thanks for reading.}



A Time for Everything

by Kari on July 30, 2014

picstitchThere is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.
—Ecc. 3:1

It’s been seven years, friends. Seven years of pounding out these heart-words here, hoping these humble stories strung together will bring hope, truth.

I love this space so much.

I love sharing it with you. I love “meeting” you and finding we have so much in common, though we hail from every corner of the globe. I love that His truth crosses oceans and life-stages and socioeconomic separations.

When I typed out the first lines here, I was still nursing my firstborn. He’ll be 8 in December. Life is so very different now. Church-planting and speaking and traveling and homeschooling and house-sharing.

It’s glorious, you know. When our sphere grows our hearts do too.

But my mom has Parkinson’s and her health challenges have increased significantly of late. Though loving on her is pure joy, the demands on my dear dad are ever-present.

Though love never fails, it sure gets weary when it’s wearing human skin

I feel it a bit too. 

So, after seven years, I sense the need for a bit of a Sabbath. 

“…a time to be silent…” Ecc. 3:7

Some silence.

Come September this Mama’s schedule slips into overdrive and we’ll be cruising along at quite a clip.

Until then, I’m signing off for some sacred serving out at Riversong, the retreat-like home of my parents. For one month I’m letting this space have a rest. I will be relearning life unplugged. And I will be praying for you, for me, for Sacred Mundane and whatever the future may hold (as some of you know there is a book in the works). I’ll still be popping in here and there on our FB page (would love to connect with you there!), but your inbox will be quiet.

Lord willing I will be back Labor Day.

Until then:

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may about in hope. (Romans 15:13)


{Thank you so much for reading.}

Grace & Peace,




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