When It’s All About Him

by Jeff on July 7, 2009

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I am blessed beyond words.  I am thankful tonight for women who truly recognize that ministry is all about Him.  I mentioned earlier that I will be taking on a little more involvement in a formal ministry setting, and tonight Joy and I had a meeting with several ladies, long-term servants at our church who have been faithfully providing leadership to the women of Willamette.

I was truly blessed.

Far too often we view the work we do in ministry as “ours”.  Our small group, our Bible study, our our our.  Anything that’s about us isn’t about Him.  And I must say that I am blessed to be part of a body where I consistently see people demonstrating, with their actions, that this is about Him.  His glory. His fame. His recognition. His power being demonstrated in people’s lives.

Lord, we bow to You. We look to You. You are the King, the glorious One.  Make your name famous, make your glory known. Draw people to You, we pray, In Jesus’ name.

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