52 Bites for 2012

by Kari on January 6, 2012

Beauty. Order. Simplicity. Calm. Peace. Joy. 

These are the things I want my home to be.  How? Primarily by letting God work those things into me first and foremost and then it will naturally characterize our home. But there’s practical steps as well, right? If the laundry’s piled up to the ceiling it doesn’t matter how calm and peaceful I am — we need a better plan for clean undies. And when we want to make changes, and need to “eat an elephant” so to speak, what’s the best way?

One bite at a time.

Insert, once again, Tsh Oxenreider. I recently bought her e-book, One Bite at a Time, with 52 simple projects for enhancing the beauty, order, and simple organization in our homes and lives.

So I thought it’d be fun, on Fridays, to simply tackle one bite each week … together.

I’ll share the project, a bit of her simple how-to, and what it looks like for me. You can follow along, do it your own way, do a different project of your own, or ignore me altogether. I reserve the right to do the same.


*Note: We won’t go through the book’s order, but I’ll share each week’s bite based on the season, etc. You can also purchase the e-book yourself for $5 here. The fun part is doing this together, a little accountability and encouragement goes a long way!

Ready?  Bite 1 is easy since we’re already been doing some New Year pondering:

1. Set Annual Goals

Tsh says, “The thing that makes a goal a goal is that it has a concrete, doable plan with logical steps. After all, as Dave Ramsey says, “A goal without a plan is just a dream.”

Need a place to start? She has some great Questions for Developing Goals, several of you have asked about these. I’ve already shared my goals and whispered requests for grace here. Your turn!

{Would you be willing to share with us a few of your own goals for 2012? We’d be so blessed if you’d share! And now, I promise, no more talk of resolutions … I’ve had my fill as well. :) Thanks for reading.}