The lie of not enough…

by Kari on May 7, 2012

Apparently, last week’s theme–in my life–was Rejection. I sure wish I would’ve gotten the memo ahead of time because it caught me by surprise. No, nothing earth-shattering, just a garden variety of rejection that kept a steady reminder in front of my face: “Not enough.”

You’re not big enough.

You don’t have enough money.

Your offer isn’t good enough.

You don’t have enough time.

You’re not enough.

In a number of different situations, God called me to give everything I had. And the result, in each situation: “Not enough.”

As I lay my head in my husband’s lap, me crying and him smoothing my hair, I could hear the slithering whisper in my ear …

“Not enough.”

I knew enough to remember the origin of that lie. It is the same lie whispered to Eve at the dawn of time. The very first temptation–to believe that what God had given was not enough. To believe that how God made us is not enough. We must reach for the forbidden fruit, that will make us wise,give us knowledge–that will make us enough!

Just as I was drying my tears I clicked on the computer, see her name. My jaw drops. I’ve never met her but I know her husband … and I know what just happened.

Terrible tragedy. A boating accident. A brother, son, friend, just 21 … gone. And I click her name and read her words and how is it that she’s ministering to me? Me with my puny disappointments and pathetic sorrows? She says it like this:

“My biggest struggle is not being “enough”.
I’m not enough to take away the pain.
I’m not enough to comfort my husband so that he may find peace.
I’m not enough to ease the fears of my children.
And I’ve never really felt that way before.
I’m just not big enough this time.
I’m trying to make peace with that, because I know I’m not supposed to be.
None of us are supposed to be enough.
If we were, we wouldn’t cling to God.”

And I thank her for ministering to me and let her know I’ve been praying for her family, even though I didn’t know her.

Could it be that we’re all fed this lie? In tragedy and monotony? You’re not enough.  Perhaps Satan isn’t all that creative after all? He just feeds us the same line year after year?

So we must keep this in our vision: God is enough. Has given us enough. Has made us enough. Whatever it is He’s given us is enough.

And gratitude is what silences the lie and reminds us afresh that He is enough. In Him we have enough time. In Him we have enough money. In Him we are big enough, good enough, strong enough. In Him we are enough for whatever He calls us to be.  Because He is enough.

That’s the theme of this week. 
All of You is more than enough for all of me
For every thirst and every need
You satisfy me with Your love
And all I have in You is more than enough
 {Thanks for reading.}