#23 Unplug {52 bites}

by Kari on July 6, 2012

Hot dogs for dinner!

Technically this bite is called “Regularly turn off your TV,” but I adapted it a bit since TV is just one small way we’re plugged in to the outside world.

That has been one of the joys of this trip. Even though 11.5 hours in the car isn’t necessarily bliss, it was bliss to have that much uninterrupted time as a family.  It was a joy to have hours to talk to my man, to simply gaze out the window and watch the rows of pistachio trees slip by and watch the thousands of cows lazily grazing and  lift silent prayers to God, to dream and let our thoughts run and drift. We listened to an audio book (Sir Malcom and the Missing Prince) that brought tears to my eyes and taught our whole family lessons on character, struggle, suffering, and humility.

And yesterday we had the joy of spending all day unplugged (except when I wrote this post after the kids were in bed!), playing and swimming and reading and just being. As I type this Jeff is sitting next to me reading a biography of John Stott. Today I finished Love Has a Face by Michele Perry, a remarkable story of a one-legged woman barely older than I, who has devoted her life to loving 80 orphans in war-torn Sudan. Then I spent the afternoon napping with Heidi. It is remarkable to me how much it helps to have a simple 24-hour period where I can detox from the constant onslaught of news and social media.

For me, unplugging enables me to engage more fully in the 3-dimensional world in which I live. It helps me slow down and inhale my children’s breath, lean into my husband’s embrace and stay there a little longer. It helps me stop and look out the window … for a long time. It just helps me to stop, look, and listen go the real world and see His presence there.

So, want some ideas on what to do on your unplugged day? Tsh has a great post with idea on living slowly here. 

Is there a day this weekend where you can unplug? If so, what will you choose to do in order to recharge and be refreshed? A book? A long walk? A picnic with your family? Whatever you do, engage in the real world and look, listen, taste, touch, smell. Breathe deep and enjoy! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to unplug as well. Thanks so much for reading! Happy weekend. 

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