How to win

by Kari on November 14, 2012

My mind swam and the tears I held back stung my eyes. Why this struggle? Why am I facing all these fears and feel like my heart is tossed in a storm?Knowing the safest place to go, I left the kids eating their dinner, crept to my dark room, and bowed low.

On our face is the only place from which we can never fall. And however you want to credit it, as clear as a voice one word filled the room.


The tears fell now, now happy, now release. Of course. The ball inside instantly unwound. Now there was peace. The storm was stilled.One word from Him does just that.

Of course. The call to discipleship can be summed up in just one word.


The call to joy, the call to peace, the call to hope and everlasting life. Of course, hadn’t Christ already said it and continues to say it today?!

Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it. (Matt. 10:39)

Whoever loses his life, will find life. The way to be rich is to give. The way to glory is humility. The way to be exalted is to bend low. And we cannot trick God or short-cut His process. Pretending to lose our life won’t yield the rich results.

Only when we actually lose will we actually find.

The finding is only real if the losing is as well. 

How, then do we lose? In every situation Christ can translate that one word into the perfect application. He can show you exactly what it means to lose and find true life. Perhaps,

  • Choose to lose the competition.
  • Choose to lose money.
  • Choose to lose comfort.
  • Choose to lose control of others.
  • Choose to lose entitlement.
  • Choose to lose the argument.
  • Choose to lose the American Dream.

It is real. The life we find when the loss is realYes, there are eternal rewards in heaven, but there are indescribable benefits right here too. Why?

Because losing is freeing.  

Because losing is finding.

Because losing is winning the greatest victory of all.

Is this for you today? It speaks to me this time, just as it did the first time.  And cnce again, I believe, someone needs this word of hope today. If your heart is wound up inside and tossed in a storm. Perhaps this is the word you need to hear? I never thought I’d find such hope and joy from just one word, I pray the same for you today. {Thanks for reading.}