Just saying hi.

by Kari on January 11, 2013

Hey Sacred Mundane family,

I’ve been hit with a cold, and I’m taking off in a few hours to speak at a women’s retreat, so I apologize for no scheduled post today but I’ve been snuggling with the Littles, sleeping, making ahead meals, and drinking OJ like nobody’s business.

But I thought it’d be fun to step away from the scheduled posts and just say, Hi.


And, Thanks. Thanks for visiting this place each day and thanks for reading. Thanks for commenting and letting me know your thoughts, ideas, frustrations, and dreams. Thanks for making yourselves vulnerable as I make myself vulnerable, and thanks for sharing all this redeeemed-mess with those God has placed in your path. YOU are what make this place so much fun … it’d be so lonely without you!

As I mentioned, I’m leaving in a few hours for a women’s retreat. As much as I love writing, I love connecting with you women in person even more! It’s so hard to really convey God’s heart, love, and truth behind the screen, but in person He adds such color and warmth and life–a three-dimensional experience is such a gift!  So, if you have a women’s event at your church and are looking for a speaker, I’d love to join you! Many of you have already checked out the speaking page, but if you haven’t, check out 2013’s retreat offering, and maybe there would be a fit. I’m also excited to share we’ll be developing a Sacred Mundane retreat this year, so stay tuned for that.

That’s all for today. Would you also consider lifting me up in prayer, that God would heal this cold today and give me strength and vitality to speak His word with passion, boldness, and conviction? Thank you so much. I pray your weekend is full of His presence as you seek Him in the sacred mundane.