How to Create Your Own Family Mission Statement

by Kari on February 4, 2013

“Mommy, do you think somebody will write a book about us after we’re in heaven?”

Startled, I looked up. Dutch had asked the question completely out of the blue, while stirring his bowl of soup at the dinner table. We have never talked about writing books about people after they’re in heaven, and of course if an adult asked this it would sound terribly egotistical. But out of the sweet mouth of an innocent and inquisitive child, it was honest, tender, profound.  I simply smiled and shook my head.

“I don’t think so, babe.”

I could tell he continued to think, and let me tell you — I did too.

No, our goal is not to have a book written about us. I’d venture to guess that’s not your goal either. But … doesn’t it make you think?

What WILL be the lasting impact of your family on this world?

Will you have inspired others to radical faith? To sacrificial generosity? To crazy love? To selfless service? Will you have comforted others? Taught others? Served others? Will you leave the world with a few more filled bellies? Will a few more people spend eternity with Christ because you and your family made your moments count? 

I can’t get Dutch’s sort-of-silly question out of my mind.

What will our legacy be? 

What will your legacy be?

If a book WAS written about our family what would it say?

If a book was written about your family what would it say?

If you have no idea, perhaps a great place to start is by creating a Family Mission Statement. Perhaps you remember we did this last year, but if you haven’t (or if yours can use some touching up, like ours) check it out:

Tsh outlines the process beautifully here.  Or, you can go here to use an online guide to build your statement (we used this and it was fun).  I’d really recommend you carve out some time this week, with your spouse, and pencil out a family mission statement that will set your course.  No one can live your family’s mission. Seek the mission that glorifies God through the unique giftings and callings God has given you. But do it.  (Even if you don’t have time this week, put a date on the calendar.)

I highly doubt any books will be written about the motley Patterson crew. But by His grace I pray we live out the unique way He intends for us to bring Him glory in this life. Here’s a glimpse of how we believe we are to do just that … {When you do yours, will you share a glimpse?  Thanks for reading.}

Patterson Mission Statement:

As a family we seek to glorify God by daily embodying the gospel in intentional ways: Through generosity, simplicity, faithfulness, joy, humility, grace, care, and thoughtful expressions of love.

  • We will nurture our spiritual growth and love relationship with Jesus by making personal worship, prayer, and Bible times of primary importance.
  • We will be careful and intentional about time commitments, guarding family evenings and date nights while inviting others freely into our lives.
  • We will grow in sacrificial giving by increasing the money given away to international causes and missions while spending less on ourselves each year.
  • We will take care of our bodies, souls, and spirits by staying physically fit, nourishing our bodies with real food, and carving out regular time for rest, renewal, relaxation, and recreation.
  • We will seek to make every moment an opportunity to teach, shape, nurture, and inspire our children to be Christ-followers. We will seek to make the gospel attractive by living in gracejoy, and freedom. We will seek to instruct and shape their hearts rather than merely modify their behavior. We will seek to motivate them by love and grace rather than pride and fear. We will praise their obedience, humility, generosity, godly ambition and courage.
  • We will measure “success” by whether our and our children’s hearts are being increasingly conformed to the image of Christ.