Just Enough For Today

by Kari on January 27, 2014


I still remember the day my dad firmly said it: “Kari, don’t ever worry about money.”

He wasn’t making a promise of his personal funding, but he had watched my anxiety over the years and finally stepped in. It was a loving rebuke. I received it.

That year, 2008, many things turned around and one of them was that–with a resolve as firm as his rebuke, quit worrying about money. Budget, yes; steward wisely, yes; but worry, no.  I was convicted of my tendency to look ahead in fear, and by a generous work of God’s Spirit, that fear is gone.

But there are plenty of other things to take its place.

It was no coincidence that we were fasting when I read Exodus 16 the other day, when the children of Israel complain to Moses,

“You have brought us out into this wilderness to kill this whole assembly with hunger!” (v.3)

Funny how UN-critical you become of the Israelites when you’re really, really hungry. Instead of wagging a finger, as I usually do, my only thought was, “Yeah, you know what? I can totally understand this complaint!”

Funny how physically identifying with others changes our perspective.

And God Himself proves compassionate to their plight as well. He doesn’t rebuke them (yet) but rather sends daily provision in the form of manna, to be collected each day, just as much as they needed for that day. They were strictly forbidden to gather more and store it up.

Just enough for the day.

And all over again this timeless truth pierced my heart with power of God’s kind conviction.

You only need just enough for today.

Because while I don’t dwell on tomorrow’s money anymore, there’s plenty about tomorrow I do dwell on. Mostly teaching notes, retreat prep, the capacity to handle the flood of responsibilities that inevitably come each day. When deadlines loom and projects stack and emails sit unread for way too long.

And while I can honestly say I am disciplined to be with my kids during the day and I don’t physically pull away to tackle those tasks, they hover there in the back of my mind.

Do you have something hovering in the back of your mind? I’m pretty sure we all do.

Whether it’s a task, a fear, a need, whatever, when tomorrow hovers in my head, it always silently steals the slightest bit of my joy and attention and affection.

It slowly lures me away from entering into the joy, the peace, the glory of each day.

God’s command was clear: Gather enough for today

My Father (the Heavenly One) firmly said it this week as well. It was kind but firm. A rebuke to be sure: Kari, don’t ever worry about ____________.   I will always provide for you

Jesus taught us the same thing: “Give us this day our daily bread.”

Just enough for today.

Just enough money. Just enough food. Just enough energy. Just enough wisdom. Just enough creativity and inspiration.

Gather just enough for today. There will be more for tomorrow. Let that something hovering go, give over tomorrow to Him, and gladly receive this day and the just enough it brings. 

{Trusting Him for tomorrow, with you. Happy Monday and thanks so much for reading.}