When you’re back to Job, again.

June 27, 2014

Every June I find myself back there. Back in Job. And the memories come flooding back. When God broke my heart He spoke directly to me through Job’s words, used them to crush me before the real crushing ever took place. It was the most clearly-prophetic and profoundly God’s ever spoken personally through His Word. So every […]

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Jumping In

June 25, 2014

{Ok I know I say this every week of our Sacred Mundane summer series but really, THIS week is such a treat! Fifteen years ago this quiet little blond girl showed up at my Bible study and God has tethered our lives together ever since. She’s amazing! Wife, mama, blogger, genius, sewing-extraordinaire, she’s like a […]

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When you just don’t know…

June 23, 2014

I read the email early Saturday morning; it nearly knocked the wind out of me. I had believed so certainly, had been so confident of an affirmative answer. Was I reading this right? No. What? No. Suddenly everything looked different. My plans, my summer, my life … And the question posed at the end of his […]

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On to-do lists, weeding and white-space {And why I quit planting corn}

June 20, 2014

It’s a miracle. For the first time in … oh, probably six years, I accomplished every single thing on my to-do list today. Now, if you lean in real close, I’ll tell you the secret: A really short to-do list.  (I know. Brilliant. I should write a book, right?) Another recent divine unit-lesson from my […]

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When all is stripped away, we are not naked, only free.

June 18, 2014

{It is with deep joy that I introduce you to my mother-in-law, Janie, our next contributor in the Sacred Mundane summer series.  Janie is a brilliant thinker, skilled wordsmith, and precious Momma to my man and Nana to my babes. She has undergone a severe trial and graciously shares her heart about that with us […]

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Learning to see, again.

June 16, 2014

 I looked at it all week, that curl beneath her braid. It gets me every time. Just like the corners of her lips and her still-full baby cheeks, not yet thinned out. Just like her little legs stretch out straight when she sits on my lap, her ankles and tiny toes so impossibly small, still. […]

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What He Really Wants {3 gifts to give today}

June 15, 2014

We slowly made our way around the table, and something beautiful began to take place… A group of local pastors gathers every Tuesday morning to pray for our city, for unity, for each other, for God to move in our midst. But many of the wives had never met each other, so we met for […]

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The Quietest Courage

June 13, 2014

It’s been a quiet week here, caring for my mom and daughter while the men-folk flew to Philadelphia for a history trip. Remembering this truth from a few years back, this week I’m faced with it all over again. To truly embrace the mundane takes tremendous courage… Enjoy. I bend low, down onto my knees, […]

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From postpartum desperation into the Sacred Mundane {A journey into joy}

June 11, 2014

{Continuing our Sacred Mundane summer series! Because of the nature of this post, my dear friend prefers to share it anonymously. I know you will be blessed by following her journey from severe postpartum depression into freedom and joy. Enjoy…} ~ The pain wracked my body again. Screams on the way to my lips escaped […]

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Helping vs. Enabling {Loving our kids on purpose}

June 9, 2014

Enabling. In the dictionary this word is innocuous enough, but we all know it’s come to mean that false form of help which doesn’t help at all, but over-helps, contributing to bad habits and self-destructive behavior. I use the word too, dizzily trying to discern the difference between helping and hurting, empowering and enabling. Most […]

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