(A glimpse of what to anticipate when I come to speak to your group.)

One of my greatest joys and passions is teaching God’s Word and speaking on topics that equip and inspire His women to live purposeful, godly lives for His glory.

If you have an occasion that necessitates a teacher/speaker, please feel free to contact me here.  I’d love to explore the possibility of joining you in ministering to God’s women.

Because of our church-plant and my role there, I am available for speaking events Monday-Saturday. For retreats, I need to leave late Saturday night or early Sunday morning to be home for church the following morning. Options are available for doing all sessions Fri-Sat OR having the 4th session an interactive discussion/reflection time with prayer, worship, and communion (depends on retreat topic–see options below). We can rest assured, After I leave the Holy Spirit is still there speaking to women’s hearts and doing His work in their lives! Thanks for your grace and understanding in this.

Contact Kari About Availability


January 8-9th, House of Charis retreat (Lincoln City, OR)

January 15-16th, Coos Bay area retreat (Coos Bay, OR)

January 22-23rd, 2016 Lake Bible Retreat (Cannon Beach, OR)

January 26th, Chapel at Multnomah University

January 29-30th, 2016 Mountain Ministries Retreat (Ranier, OR)

February 26th-27th, 2016 Sellwood Baptist Retreat (Netarts, OR)

March 7-9th, 2016 CBNW Enrichment Conference (Seaside, OR)

March 10-12th, NW Ministry Conference (Seattle, WA)

March 15th, Molalla MOPS (Molalla, OR)

April 8-10th, Unavailable

April 16th, JC First Baptist Ladies’ tea (Junction City, OR)

April 29-30th, 2016 Rogue Valley Fellowship (Applegate, OR)

July 15-17th, 2016 CBNW Woman’s Camp (Tadmor, OR)

September 16-17, 2016 Elkanah Women’s Camp (La Grande, OR)

October 14-15th Unavailable

October 22nd, Butte Creek Baptist Church retreat (Butte Creek, OR)

What Others Are Saying…

Although I enjoy studying and speaking on new passages and topics, and always want to seek to share God’s specific word for your occasion, I’m narrowing each year’s retreat offering based on the themes God is teaching me at the time:

2015 Retreat Topic Offerings

  1. SACRED MUNDANE: Let your days transform your life. (3-part retreat) Though we love getaways, retreats, and spiritual highs, it is the daily nitty-gritty ordinariness of life where God meets us most often. How do we learn to see the sacred in the midst of the mundane? How do we experience REAL transformation? Here we journey through the Scriptures and discover powerful and practical ways to LET God transform our lives through our ordinary days. We’ll learn to LOOK, LISTEN, ENGAGE, EMBRACE, TRUST, and THANK. We’ll learn to LET our lives be poured out and discover that’s how to truly thrive.
  2. LOVE: What the world needs now. (4-part retreat through 1 John.) We’ll be looking together at God’s crazy extravagant love for us, how He adopted us and made us His kids, and how our identity as His children changes everything. Then we’ll look at how that impacts our love for our brothers and sisters in Christ, and finally how that impacts our interaction with the world–issues of justice, love, and compassion.
  3. FLOURISH: How to grow with God. (4-part retreat) God’s desire for us is that we would flourish in this life of faith, experiencing the abundant life of abiding in His love and bearing spiritual fruit for His glory. But just as physical plants face many things that threaten their ability to flourish, we too face many dangers which can cause us to live weak, wilted, fruitless, defeated and discouraged lives. Together we’ll look at four of these dangers and discover from God’s Word how we can truly flourish, and bloom where we are planted.
  4. CHANGED: How to have a heart like His. (4-part retreat through Galatians) Transformation from the inside out, through Galatians 3-6. 1. The grace that frees (Gal. 3-4) 2. The battle we face. (Gal. 4-5) 3. The good He grows. (Gal. 5) 4. The hands we hold. (Gal. 5-6)

Current Single Teachings/Workshops:

  1. LIGHT (2015 CHRISTMAS message!)
  2. FLOURISH (How to grow with God)
  3. GET A GRIP (How to go from chaos and control to calmness and contentment) — for Mom’s
  4. FAITHFULLY FRUGAL (How to save more, give more, live more.)