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Who will influence you this year? The people you spend time with are the most significant influences in your life. And while we don’t always have a choice about who we spend time with in person, we do have a choice about who we spend time with on the screen and on the page. What blogs will you follow? What shows will you watch? And, my personal favorite: Whose words will you let wash over you this year?

This past year I was thankful to read the following books. These are the ones I’d recommend to you (top picks have *); it was time well-spent in their pages:

Annual re-reads include The Pursuit of God by AW Tozer and Humility by Andrew Murray.

Also, 2011’s list is here, if you’re looking for more great reads AND a Fifteen Fiction books are here in case you’re looking for some fun sprinkled in with the serious stuff.

And now, drumroll please.  2013’s nightstand:
(Had to sneak that last one on there! Not sure of the subtitle, but I am hoping it will make it to nightstands by the end of this year!)
My stack of books isn’t as high as years prior because this year, my real hope is to hide more of one Book in my heart and mind. I MUST keep my mind full of God’s Word or I seriously slip downhill. I was so inspired by Ann Voskamp’s post here. I’m going to do her Romans Project Memorization this year, in place of a few more books on the nightstand. Will you join me?
{What were your favorite reads of 2012 and what’s on your nightstand for 2013? Consider who will influence you this year. Thanks for sharing and reading!}
  • Will this be your first time reading A Severe Mercy? I’m so excited for you! It’s one of my favorites. 🙂

    • You recommended it to me last year and I’m still working on it! I’m a few chapters in…but I think it’s one I need to read on vacation, I have a feeling it’ll suck me in and make me cry and I’ll neglect my family. 🙂 Thanks for suggesting it!

  • Lacey

    Have you read Radical by David Platt? Wow. It’s rediculously GOOD.

    • Lacey

      It’s like Crazy Love on steroids.

  • A book I started at the end of 2012 and plan to finish soon is For the Children’s Sake: Foundations of Education for Home and School by Susan Schaeffer Macaulay. The little bit that I have read was an amazing inspiration and encouragement. I think I’ll add a few of your recommendations to my list for this year. Thanks!

    • Ooh, that books sounds great, Shiree. Thank you for the recommendation; I’ll check it out for sure. I need inspiration and encouragement!

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